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Blending my dual expertise in psychiatry and audio recording with a variety of proven therapeutic techniques, my AudioMagic™ programs recorded in 3D sound (aka "binaural recording") have achieved extraordinary results in the treatment of insomnia and anxiety in both children and adults. I have also produced a series of programs of nature sounds in 3D as well as my first nature video recorded in 3D sound.

-- Dr. Tom Jackson

Tom Jackson, M.D.

Tom Jackson, M.D.

I'm Dr. Tom Jackson. For over 30 years I’ve enjoyed a successful career as psychiatrist, during which time I developed a high level of expertise utilizing traditional techniques to help my patients lead healthier and happier lives. Yet throughout it all, traditional medicine felt a bit confining to me and I was constantly exploring alternative techniques in my efforts to provide the best possible care.

Early on I recognized that traditional therapies were not taking full advantage of the “power of the mind” to relieve certain symptoms, and so I soon found myself developing alternative therapeutic approaches to do just that—utilize the power of the mind for therapeutic aims. Drawing on a passion I’ve long had for audio recording and engineering, my pursuits led me to begin utilizing sound in new and unique ways. What was once a hobby transformed into a professional pursuit that has evolved over three decades.

To learn more about my backgrounds in both medicine and audio recording and engineering please continue reading.

3D Sound

3D Sound

Nature doesn’t have a Left and Right audio channel.

The sounds of nature are meant to be heard from all around you, embracing you, as nature does—not through a Left and Right audio channel. But until now, this was all we could hope for, what we had to settle for.

Now you can hear nature sounds (and all other sounds) as they were meant to be heard—not just in “surround sound” (which doesn’t really surround you at all) but in fully immersive 3D sound.

With an extraordinary breakthrough in recording technology called "binaural recording" or "binaural audio", sounds are experienced as coming from all around the listener – near and far, above and below, on all sides, and sometimes in motion – just like in real life. It creates a more realistic listening experience than anything a traditional sound recording is capable of, no matter how professionally it was recorded or how great the quality of the playback system (headphones or speakers). That's why I prefer to call it "3D Living Sound".

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