Substantial research has been conducted on the AudioMagic™ programs. The following is a brief overview of studies on the efficacy of certain AudioMagic programs and a summary of one study that illustrates some of the unique characteristics of the 3D Living Sound technology in general.

Included is a sleep and fatigue study involving United States Air Force pilots, aircrews and shiftworkers, funded by the Department of Defense, and a sleep study on pregnant women in their third trimester, funded by the National Institute of Health. Other studies were conducted in a variety of settings, including several in-patient psychiatric units, substance abuse in-patient treatment programs, a university sleep lab and various out-patient settings.

I. Study of AudioMagic Relaxation I Program on In-patients at the Glendale Adventist Hospital

In-patients on a number of different units at the Glendale Adventist Hospital in Glendale, California were provided with the AudioMagic Relaxation I Programs along with players and headphones with which to listen. The AudioMagic Relaxation I Program demonstrated effectiveness in a number of settings

II. Comparison of mono, stereo and 3-Dimensional Living Sound using topographic EEG brain mapping

In this study, 15 subjects listened to recordings of ocean and various sound effects recorded in mono, stereo and 3D Living Sound. While listening, electroencephalographic recordings of brain wave activity were conducted and subjects rated each audio recording for interest and realism.

III. Study of AudioMagic Natural Sleep conducted at the UCI Medical Center’s Sleep Disorders Clinic

The following study was conducted at the UCI Medical Center’s Sleep Disorders Clinic in 1983. The patients in the study had been referred to the Sleep Disorders Clinic by their primary care physicians because of the severity of their sleep problems.

IV. AudioMagic Natural Sleep as part of the Sleep Enhancement Fatigue Reduction Training (SEFRT)

The Air Force contracted with my company, Inner Health, Inc., to evaluate the effectiveness of our programs for improving sleep and reducing the fatigue experienced by jet-lagged Air Force pilots and air crews, along with the effect on shiftworker fatigue. The result was the Sleep Enhancement Fatigue Reduction Training (SEFRT) program, which incorporated the most recent versions of the 3D AudioMagic™ Natural Sleep programs, and included a separate instruction booklet further detailing sleep enhancement and fatigue reduction techniques.

V. Study of AudioMagic Sleep Programs on a locked psychiatric unit

Hospitalized psychiatric patients frequently experience significant sleep problems associated with both their illness and the stress of sleeping in an unfamiliar environment and are often prescribed sleeping pills on an as-needed (PRN) basis. A study to evaluate the effectiveness of the AudioMagic Natural Sleep program to replace the use of sleeping pills was initiated at the Therapeutic Residential Center, in Downey California—a 39 bed, locked, psychiatric facility. Primary diagnoses were schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and major depression.

VI. Study of the AudioMagic Nature Sound Programs

Quoted from Dr. Alsten's presentation at the 2002 International Society for Ecosystem Health Conference in Washington, D.C.:

"In response to numerous anecdotal reports of the increase in appreciation and 'love' of and for nature by individuals who have been exposed to the 3-D Living Sound AudioMagic™ Nature Sound programs, we conducted a unidimensional retrospective analysis of this psychological change."

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