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3D Sound

Nature doesn’t have a Left and Right audio channel.

The sounds of nature are meant to be heard from all around you, embracing you, as nature does—not through a Left and Right audio channel. But until now, this was all we could hope for, what we had to settle for.

Now you can hear nature sounds (and all other sounds) as they were meant to be heard—not just in “surround sound” (which doesn’t really surround you at all) but in fully immersive 3D Sound.

With an extraordinary breakthrough in recording technology called "binaural recording" or "binaural audio", sounds are experienced as coming from all around the listener – near and far, above and below, on all sides, and sometimes in motion – just like in real life. It creates a more realistic listening experience than anything a traditional sound recording is capable of, no matter how professionally it was recorded or how great the quality of the playback system (headphones or speakers).

That's why I prefer to call it: 3D Living Sound.

Because of this, when you experience a particular setting—like the shoreline—in a binaural recording, through quality headphones with your eyes closed, the room in which you are sitting or lying down seems to disappear and you find yourself completely transported into that natural setting with a realness and immediacy you would never experience from a standard stereo recording.

Even people not particularly adept at visualization have seen images appear in their mind’s eye, of the audio environment created in a 3D Sound recording. And the occasional person who is unable to visualize will still experience a sense of reality not achievable with conventional recording.

Research at the University of Arizona using electroencephalogram brain mapping demonstrated how binaural recording technology is more stimulating in both the auditory and visual cortex than mono or stereo sound, and is experienced as significantly more realistic and powerful.

Words alone cannot convey the nature of the experience. It’s something you simply must experience in order to fully appreciate. To do so right now, click on this 3D Sound Demonstration link, plug in your headphones or ear buds, close your eyes and prepare for an experience you will never forget!
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