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Magic Carpet (program script)


Now we are starting a wondrous journey

Into a realm of adventures in sound

A dream in which we will find ourselves flying

Upon a carpet of magic we’ve found.


Closing our eyes we are free to explore,

A world where we are not stuck on the ground

Like best of friends we’re in this together

Safe and secure we are mystery bound.


This Magic Carpet was made for flying

To float around like a bird in the skies

Lifting off, as the front door swings open

Light as a feather and starting to rise.


The sounds of the road are now before me

Motorcycles and cars zooming on by

It feels as though I’m actually seeing

With visions revealed inside my mind’s eye.


Slowly up, over houses and highways

The cars beneath us, like toys on the street

This carpet steers so well by just leaning

I could do it if I wish in my sleep.


What a feeling to be free like the birds

To fly high, float in circles and dip

With room galore, on the wind I will soar

I’m the master of my own ship.


The view from up here is so crystal clear

I see a hometown parade over there

Down to the crowd that is lining the street

The Grand Marshal up front is the Mayor.


Let’s ride our Magic Carpet now

Up and into the sky

Adventures are awaiting us

So onward we will fly.


Now to a playground up ahead,

So many games to play,

My heart is filled with happiness

On such a special day.

Ping Pong, basketball, and baseball

Times I’ve played, I can recall

Skating, bicycles, swimming pools

So much fun and very cool.


A model airplane in the sky

Controlled by levers I can try

Above my head it zooms around

Until I land it on the ground.


And now again I wish to fly

Onward, upward, to the sky

Soaring o’er the clouds so high

Flying like a bird am I.


Below it looks like Africa

That far we haven’t gone

It’s got to be a zoo I see

Elephants, apes, a swan.


Now moving up ahead I see

Arcades and games below

Let’s lose our sense of time for now

Surrender to the flow.


And now I’m moving up and on

The city left behind

To countryside with farms below

And animals to find.


And now let’s ride our carpet up

And onward through the sky

This journey leads to paradise

As on the wind we fly.


The trees and streams and sea below

So beautiful today

Inviting me to glide on down

To walk a path and play.


Where nature she is all around

To cast her magic spell

She speaks to me in nature’s sounds

Her secrets she will tell.

My Magic Carpet follows me

Though I am walking now

And any time I wish to fly

I know that I know how.


Rays of sunlight streaming down

Warming every thing around

And watching branches as they sway

It’s no surprise the trees would say:


“How beautifully we reach up toward the sky

Leaves of green held so high

The shade we make on you below

Our gift we give as on you go.”


Walking on this winding path

And down toward the beach

It seems that if I listen close

That nature’s here to teach.


And as I’m drifting on along

And listening to this bird’s sweet song

I wonder what she wants to say

Each note she sings for me today.


“Oh how I love to fly,

feeling so free am I.

And any place that I should choose,

I can sit on a twig and have a snooze.

But for now I’ll just float on by.

I’m your friend, come along, I’m your guide.”


And now I hear a stream so clear

And walk until my toes draw near

She winds her way along so slow

The easy way she always flows.

And from her water
comes the sound
Of nature’s voice,
a treasure found:

“I am the streambed pebble song

of peaceful lullabies.

I love you like I love the rain

that fills me from the sky.


And as I drift along upon

my way to meet the sea,

I’m happy you have come along

to play and float on me.”


Now I am wondering how I might float

If I were small, there’d be this and that boat

Imagining now that I’m shrinking in size

Smaller and smaller, yet more and more wise.


And now a sturdy stick I see

Is big enough and meant for me

I’ll climb aboard and sail this stream

The perfect place to float it seems.


And now my boat returns to shore

To let me off to walk some more

Feeling that I am growing tall

My normal size, no longer small.


Drawn down the pathway I’m starting to see

Colorful flowers swaying in the breeze

This one now seems to be waving at me

In fact she’s now tapping upon my knee.


“And how I love you when

You pick me by my willing stem.

And into a pocket I can tuck

To bring you the very best of luck.”


Now hearing sounds of waves from the ocean

The liquid chorus of water in motion

Leaving the forest and into the sun

On to the seashore my feet want to run.


Gazing upon the water before me

Wave after wave rolling in from the sea

Nature’s soft voice I can now understand

In the breeze, in the foam, in the sand:


“I’ve always been here, yes, I am your friend

You are my beloved, so love I will send

I’ll always be with you where ever you go

Through voices of nature, your way I will show.”


And now moving on across the white sand

Feeling the joy of this mystical land

Gliding sea gulls drifting on and on

Fresh ocean air and singing their song.


And as this one lands, getting snug in the sand

And closing his sleepy bird eyes

I wonder what dreams, so real to him seem

Of sailing around in the skies.


And if I want to, I can fly with such ease

If I want to, I can drift on the breeze

I’ve learned how to fly, I know I know how

Up, up and away, if I wish to now.


Coming to rest on this part of the shore

Where I will soon find new things to explore

Back on the sand feeling soft on my feet

I see there’s a playhouse in which I can sleep.


Feeling invited to walk in the door

Welcome inscribed on an old weathered floor

Finding a bed, so cozy it seems

Waiting for me to drift into my dreams.


And out on the porch where a hammock is tied

I can swing in the breeze like birds in nests ride

I’ll come back again when I’m ready for bed

Either place that I choose will feel soft on my head.


Off in the corner, a big wooden chest

Inside it, I wonder what I might find

And lifting the lid wide open I see

There are games and toys of every kind.


Now drawn outside and across the wide beach

To walk on down to where sound and sight merge

Where water and sand both swirl as they dance

To the restful rhythm of the ocean surge.

So many games to be thought of and played

While splashing around in the waves

Digging holes which the tide turns into pools

Making castles of sand with hands my tools.


Having so much fun as the sun sets down

Feeling sleepier with each ocean sound

Till I say to myself, it’s time for bed

Return to my playhouse, lay down my head.


Feeling peaceful and calm, drifting to sleep

With beautiful dreams, so pleasant and sweet

This is a place that awaits me within

Where I can return, again and again.


Sweet dreams within dreams are here within.


Sweet dreams within dreams are here.


Sweet dreams within dreams.


Sweet dreams within.

Sweet dreams.
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