Playhouse on the Beach (program script)

Playhouse on the Beach

What a wonderful day to play on the beach!

I’m so glad to find you here my dear friend.

Can you imagine how many things we can do?

How many games we can play?

How much fun we can have?


Oh how I love the waves, which roll in to the sand,

Wave after wave inviting us to splash and play.

Watching the birds sailing above, playing tag in the sky.

What fun it must be to fly.

And feeling the wind that blows onto shore,

Caressing my cheeks, I’ve felt this before.

I’m so happy to be here with you,

There must be hundreds of things we can do.


Let’s run and skip on the warm wet sand,

See the water splash as our footprints land.

And wading out into the waves,

They splash against me as I play.


The foam is white and soft and light,

Tickling my skin as bubbles disappear from sight.

And here is a surf raft, I can use

For many things that I might choose.


I can paddle out beyond the waves

And lie there drifting on.

I can watch the clouds as they drift by

And sing a sailor’s song.


I can look straight down into the sea

And see some fish looking back at me.

Some are gold and some are green,

They look like little submarines.


It must be peaceful and quiet below

In an underwater world where beauty shows.

They seem so happy floating by

As on their way they go.


And as I’m floating upon the sea,

I’m warm beneath the sun.

I can’t imagine anything

Being this much fun.


My raft can be a surf board, too,

As on the waves I ride.

And as the surf comes rolling in

I swoosh and then I glide.


And bringing my raft up to the shore,

So many things to be explored.

Walking along the shoreline now

And feeling strong and well.

I see that there are treasures here

Of sparkling rocks and shells.

The pretty ones I pick them up

And save them for my shelf.


The ocean is a treasure hunt,

Full of nature’s wealth.

And sitting now upon the beach,

Where little waves my toes can reach.


Digging holes which fill into pools

Finding my hands are perfect tools,

Building castles in the sand

Making here a magic land.


Where boys and girls can actually see

Anything they wish to be.

And now I see my Playhouse

Filled with fun for me.


I’ll turn the lock and enter now

I’ve got the magic key.

And feeling invited to pass through the door

Walking across the wooden floor.


Here’s a magic chest of toys

With games of every kind,

I wonder if I look inside

What treasures I will find.


Kites and dolls and TinkerToys®

Crayons and Legos®—oh, such joy!

Plastic boats and beads to string,

It seems that there is everything.


Frisbees®, baseballs, and Hula Hoops®,

Checkers, jacks, and shovels that scoop.

Paddleball, puzzles, and bubbles are stored,

And a hundred games I can play on the floor.


I’ll take my choice as the sun sets down,

Feeling delighted in what I have found.

And as the night begins to come,

I’ll play with toys, which are so much fun.

And finding a bed, like my own, it seems

A cozy place where I can dream.

Feeling relaxed, it calls to me,

This is where I want to be.


I love to come here every night

It feels so good, it must be right.

And feeling good is just a start

Knowing I’m loved, deep in my heart.


Gentle waves greeting the shore

Singing their song to bring me more

Love and peace and happiness,

A precious place where I can rest.


And with each wave I’m sleepier.

As everything begins to blur

Into a dream that feels so real

Of joy and pleasure I can feel.


And now that I’m drifting slowly to sleep

With beautiful feelings I can keep,

I know that I am good inside,

I can hold my head high and walk with pride.


Drifting on and drifting down,

Like peaceful lullabies,

I find that as I go to sleep

I’m really very wise.


And with each wave, the ocean sounds

Are calling me to sleep.

I’m floating in the air, it seems,

A mattress, soft and deep.


With every breath I’m sleepier,

Floating and drifting away.

Feeling good about myself

And loving every day.


Dreams are a place where my heart can feel

The beauty inside that is real

For I am a child of spirit, indeed

Finding myself, I am surely freed.

So sleepy I feel

With my muscles relaxed,

Feeling so good

Since my cares have all passed.


Drifting along like a bird in the sky,

Easily floating without having to try.

Breezes blowing across the sea,

Softly and gently caressing me.


I love to feel the wind on my skin

And think of all the places it’s been.

And watching a sailboat upon the sea

Moving along so quietly.


Oh, how I love this feeling inside.

My heart feels so good, opening wide.

The peace I have found is always here,

What I feel now will always be near.


And drifting deeper into sleep

Such beautiful feelings, I can keep.

Sleepier and sleepier with each ocean sound,

The treasure of love is what I found.


Drifting into a land made of dreams

Finding I am much more than it seems.

Feeling so drowsy, I now wish to go

To sleep in a place where good feelings grow.


Getting better and better with each passing day,

Knowing my feelings are all okay.

The people I meet will come to know

My beauty inside which I can show.


With smiles and laughter and a twinkle in my eye

There’s really no reason for me to be shy.

And soon those around me will start to see

What a beautiful person I’ve come to be.


Sleepier and sleepier, drifting on and on,

So sleepy now that I might even yawn.

Letting go with ease as I drift away

To dreams within dreams, in which I can play.

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