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Tom Jackson, M.D.

I'm Dr. Tom Jackson. For over 30 years I’ve enjoyed a successful career as psychiatrist, during which time I developed a high level of expertise utilizing traditional techniques to help my patients lead healthier and happier lives. Yet throughout it all, traditional medicine felt a bit confining to me and I was constantly exploring alternative techniques in my efforts to provide the best possible care.

Early on I recognized that traditional therapies were not taking full advantage of the “power of the mind” to relieve certain symptoms, and so I soon found myself developing alternative therapeutic approaches to do just that—utilize the power of the mind for therapeutic aims. Drawing on a passion I’ve long had for audio recording and engineering, my pursuits led me to begin utilizing sound in new and unique ways. What was once a hobby transformed into a professional pursuit that has evolved over three decades.

To learn more about my backgrounds in both medicine and audio recording and engineering please continue reading below.


My career as a psychiatrist has been broad, covering a wide range of experience, including emergency evaluations in critical care settings and other inpatient hospital work. I’ve been a staff psychiatrist in multiple community mental health clinics, and Chief Psychiatrist at one, where I supervised ten other psychiatrists and was an administrator with a 5 million dollar budget. I’ve also been a medical director of day treatment programs, instructor in charge of psychiatry training for resident physicians, medical director of a substance abuse clinic, and have maintained a private practice for nearly 15 years.

In addition to these traditional pursuits I’ve developed alternative treatments and products on which efficacy research was conducted and coordinated by Inner Health, Inc., a company I founded in 1986. Funding for research totaling nearly 2 million dollars was provided by entities like the National Institute of Health and the Department of Defense. In 2003 I founded Sensational Creations Inc. for the marketing and distribution of my therapeutic product line along with my recently completed book, DreamChild Adventures in Relaxation and Sleep.

I am also an inventor and hold two U.S. patents.

I am currently in private practice in Redlands, California where I treat both children and adults utilizing traditional and alternative modalities alike. I live in beautiful Idyllwild, California in a mountain valley surrounded by 11,000-foot peaks.

Audio Recording Engineer

My experience with audio engineering dates back almost as far as my beginnings as a doctor. Starting out recording popular music, I began my first therapeutic recordings in 1979. My audio journey then led me, in 1985, to a discovery that completely transformed my programs: 3D Living Sound, the revolutionary technology used to produce all the audio programs which are offered on this site.
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