Interview Questions

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1. What inspired you to create your therapeutic audio programs?

2. My understanding is you produced your therapeutic audio programs yourself. How did you develop the audio engineering skills you needed to do this?

3. You have recorded your programs in what you call 3D Living Sound. Would you please explain a little about this technology and how you are able to do it?

4. How (else) would you say these programs differ from all the other therapeutic audio programs for sleep and relaxation out there? And how do your children's programs differ from your programs for adults.

5. How have parents and children responded to these programs? What has been most gratifying about your treatment of children using your programs?

6. What inspired you to write your book and what do you hope to accomplish with it?

7. What research has been done on the effectiveness of your programs? On 3D Living Sound?

8. The primary focus of your book is the treatment of sleep problems and anxiety but in the clinical cases presented children often show sudden improvement in a host of other areas. How do you explain that?

9. In the conclusion of the book you discuss what you call “nature deficit disorder.” Please explain what this referrers to and how it is relevant to your programs.

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