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What is AudioMagic?

AudioMagic is a new line of therapeutic audio programs uniquely effective in several ways
  • they were created by a practicing physician
  • they incorporate a broad range of proven therapeutic techniques
  • they are backed up by extensive clinical research
  • they are the first and only therapeutic audio programs recorded in state-of-the-art 3D Living Sound (aka binaural recording or 3D sound).

What are therapeutic audio programs?

Therapeutic audio programs are sound recordings designed to produce a desired therapeutic response in the listener. Examples of such responses are relaxation, sleep, reduced anxiety, and stress relief - the primary therapeutic responses the AudioMagic programs are designed to produce.

Who is the physician who created the AudioMagic line?

I’m Dr. Tom Jackson, MD, the creator the AudioMagic programs and a psychiatrist of 30 years. I live in a small mountain town, Idyllwild, California and I am in private practice in nearby Loma Linda where I treat both children and adults. In my time away from patients I've pursued a lifelong passion for audio engineering and recording. The AudioMagic programs have permitted me to combine my two passions - health care and working with sound - and allowed the people who listen to my programs to benefit from my unique dual expertise.

What are the proven therapeutic techniques incorporated into the AudioMagic programs?

  • deep abdominal breathing
  • progressive muscle relaxation
  • visualization/guided imagery
  • NLP (neuro-linguistic programming)
  • nature sounds
  • therapeutic art (music, poetry, storytelling)

What clinical research has been done on these programs?

A significant body of research has demonstrated the amazing potential these programs offer. A summary of the research can be reviewed by clicking [here].

What is 3D Living Sound?

3D Living Sound - also known as binaural recording, binaural audio, and 3D sound - is a breakthrough in audio recording technology, called binaural recording, that creates an experience in which the listener hears sounds as coming from all around - an effect more lifelike than anything a traditional sound recording is capable of reproducing.

What AudioMagic programs are currently available?

Currently I have created four categories of AudioMagic programs: Natural Relaxation, Natural Sleep, Nature Sounds, and DreamChild Adventures in Relaxation & Sleep (for children). In addition I have produced the first in a series of nature videos, Reflections on the California Coast, recorded with a soundtrack in 3D Living Sound. Beyond that, we are constantly innovating and developing more programs.

What are the differences between the various programs?

The Natural Sleep and Natural Relaxation programs combine 3D nature sounds (and in the case of Relaxation II, 3D sound effects) with your choice of male or female voice guiding you through a sequence of proven therapeutic techniques designed to help you relax and sleep, respectively. The relaxation programs help you achieve a deep state of relaxation, comfort, and peace of mind, while the sleep program starts by helping you become deeply mentally and physically relaxed and then take you further into a state of deep sleep.

The Nature Sounds series uses 3D nature sounds alone, without any voice-guided relaxation techniques, to help you relax by transporting you to an assortment of exotic and tranquil settings on your own private “imagination vacations”.

The DreamChild children's program series is designed specifically for children, to help them overcome sleep problems and issues associated with anxiety. These programs take full advantage of the 3D Living Sound to create enchanting therapeutic stories. Magic Carpet and Playhouse on the Beach help children with sleeping difficulties have better nights of sleep by first entertaining and engaging their mind, then relaxing their mind and body with a number of therapeutic techniques, and finally easing them into a deep state of slumber with the hypnotic sound of gentle ocean waves combined with suggestions for sleep. Country Friends was designed specifically for children who are highly anxious. I have also published a companion book to this series called DreamChild Adventures in Relaxation and Sleep.

What does your book, Dream Child Adventures in Relaxation and Sleep cover?

The book was born out of clinical case studies I conducted concerning 22 children, most with sleep and anxiety issues, who used my DreamChild children's series to try and help alleviate these problems. I interviewed their parents and caregivers before and after they started using the programs. The DreamChild book presents the touching and deeply personal stories of these children and the profound transformations some of them experienced. The book also explores many of the issues related both directly and indirectly to sleep and anxiety that these children were dealing with.

Can I buy just one children’s program or do I need all of them to get good results?

All the DreamChild audio programs are standalone, and you do not need to buy one in order to get value out of another. Each of the programs provides a complete experience for the child.

Is it necessary to buy the DreamChild book in order to use the programs?

The book isn’t necessary but it’s very helpful. It’s a companion to the programs and was written with the intention that it be used as such. It was written for you, the parent or caregiver of a child with sleep or anxiety problems who is using or considering using one or more of the DreamChild programs to help the child remedy these problems. That said, the DreamChild book is also an in-depth exploration of the full mosaic of issues related to sleep, anxiety, and relaxation. But none the less, while it may offer keen guidance independent of whether or not you ever use one of the programs, that is not how the book was intended to be used.

Do I need to use headphones when I listen to AudioMagic programs?

You do if you want to experience the 3D Living Sound. Without headphones or ear buds you will not get the full effect of the programs.

What kind of headphones do you recommend?

To experience the full effects of 3D Living Sound, it is recommended that you use headphones of sufficient quality. The headphones and earbuds that typically come with portable compact disc players and mp3 players will work just fine with these programs, but they won't give you the total optimum 3D sound experience. A modest investment in quality, lightweight, open-air headphone will add appreciably to the therapeutic experience. Companies like Sennheiser, AKG, Koss, and Phillips make headphones of excellent quality for reasonable prices.

I'd like to use the DreamChild Adventures programs with my children, but I'm concerned that they'll turn the volume up too loud when I'm not present and cause damage to their hearing. Is there anything I can do?

Concern about your children's hearing is paramount in having your use of the AudioMagic programs be a positive and therapeutic experience. Kid-safe headphones are one excellent solution, which limit the maximum volume level to below the ASHA/OSHA approved threshold for children's hearing safety. Another option is to use a CD player that has a volume lock switch on it. This does not prevent a child from unlocking the switch themselves, but it is a deterrent.

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