I. Study of AudioMagic Relaxation I Program on In-patients at the Glendale Adventist Hospital

Studied: AudioMagic Natural Relaxation I program with psychiatric and chemical dependency in-patients
Conducted by: Thomas Jackson, MD and Christopher Alsten, Ph.D.

Studies were conducted on the AudioMagic Natural Relaxation I program on a number of units at both the Glendale Adventist Medical Center and New Beginnings Chemical Dependency Hospital. Each unit incorporated use of the Natural Relaxation I program into their daily schedule by designating a daily 30 minute listening period for all patients who complained of significant anxiety. Each patient was provided with the AudioMagic Natural Relaxation I program along with a player and headphones with which to listen.

Patients kept daily logs on which they charted anxiety/stress levels, using a subjective scale of 1 – 10, immediately before and after using the AudioMagic Natural Relaxation I program. The program demonstrated effectiveness in a number of settings, with average decreases in daily before and after anxiety/stress scores reported as follows: Adult Psychiatric Unit—61%, Adolescent Psychiatric Unit—52%, Geriatric Psychiatric/Chemical Dependency Unit—54%, and Adult Chemical Dependency Unit—52%.

Although improvement in baseline anxiety/stress levels were noted, these changes would have been influenced by a number of variables and can not be attributed solely to use of the Relaxation program. Yet it is interesting to note that anxiety/stress levels decreased an average of 25-43% (for the various units) over the course of hospitalization. On the two units where it was reviewed, another interesting phenomena was observed, which was a statistically significant decrease in patients who left the hospital AMA (against medical advice) among those who used the Relaxation I program
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