3D Living Sound Demo - FREE DOWNLOAD

3D Living Sound Demo - FREE DOWNLOAD

Download 3D Sound Demo Here: This is a FREE DOWNLOAD - No sign-up required!


Listen to the 3D Sound Demo live online  via FREE STREAMING MP3

(Running time: 9:55)

All of the AudioMagic™ programs employ a dramatic breakthrough in audio recording technology, 3D Living Sound™ (also known as "binaural recording"). This free demonstration program, which you may download, offers an astounding multi-dimensional listening experience, in which sound will seem to come from everywhere – near and far, above, below, on all sides and in motion – an effect more lifelike than anything you’ve ever heard in a conventional audio recording, even in so-called “surround sound”.

The amazing realism of 3D sound will open the doors of your imagination in ways you never thought possible, and you will quickly come to appreciate one of the essential reasons that the AudioMagic therapeutic programs are so enjoyable and effective.

I could go into great technical detail here on how binaural recording surpasses ordinary stereo or surround sound, but in this case a brief listen of your own truly is worth a thousand words. The only requirement is that you listen with headphones or ear buds, or else you will not be able to experience the 3D sound.

Now, adjust the volume so it’s just right for you, sit back in a comfortable chair, click on the 3D Living Sound Demonstration, allow your eyes to close, and prepare for your journey into the amazing world of 3D sound.

This is a FREE DOWNLOAD - No sign-up required!

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Posted by a member from IxYDsPbAtVDySDO Posted on 17 Jul 2012
  I really dig this idea and the first three clips work trnodeemusly well giving the audience some emotions to latch onto through the sounds. But the taps at the end feels a little off to me, especially since it's a midi based sample. It's too dry in comparison to the richness of the earlier samples.And I really think that this could make a cool ds106 audio assignment, Sound Effect My Personal Memoir. I'm inspired and going to try it.
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