Children's Program Scripts

The scripts for all three DreamChild Adventures children's programs are presented below.

Country Friends (program script)

Country Friends (program script)

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind and spend some time in the countryside? Well, you’re welcome to join me, if you’d like, on a trip to the north coast, where there are beautiful rolling hills as far as your eyes can see, covered by farms and forests. In the city, everybody’s always running around like there’s not enough time. But up there, time seems to move a little slower and people aren’t in such a big hurry. Well, I’m ready to enjoy some of the simple pleasures in life, what about you? Let’s get in our car and go! for more Country Friends!

Magic Carpet (program script)

Magic Carpet (program script)

Now we are starting a wondrous journey

Into a realm of adventures in sound

A dream in which we will find ourselves flying

Upon a carpet of magic we’ve found... for more Magic Carpet!

Playhouse on the Beach (program script)

What a wonderful day to play on the beach!

I’m so glad to find you here my dear friend.

Can you imagine how many things we can do?

How many games we can play?

How much fun we can have? for more Playhouse on the Beach!

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