Natural Relaxation I (Female Voice)

Natural Relaxation I (Female Voice)

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Natural Relaxation I (Female Voice) Quantity
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This adult program has consistently proven an effective treatment for stress and anxiety. The noise, demands, and rapid pace of our urban world often deprive us of the peace we desire and deserve. We may experience muscle tension, fatigue, or poor concentration to the point it’s a challenge just to unwind and fall asleep at night.

If you suffer from any of these problems, or if you would simply like to enjoy a deeper sense of inner tranquility and harmony, this program may well be the answer. In four separate clinical studies, users of Relaxation I have reported an average reduction in daily anxiety of 52% and a one-third decrease in baseline anxiety over several weeks.

The program begins on a tropical island, high on a hill, with the far-off rolling surf below. Surrounded by the restful sounds of nature, you listen as a gentle voice guides you through muscle relaxation and breathing techniques. Then you embark on a leisurely walk along a winding pathway down toward the beach. Nature comes to life through the gentle sound of wind in the trees, textures of flowing water beside you, and birds serenading you along the way.

The path emerges on an enchanted beach where you find a comfortable place to sit and listen to the gentle waves. Here you bask in feelings of relaxation and allow positive suggestions to wash through you.

Next, you are given the opportunity to imagine a situation that usually causes you to feel anxious, but you are guided instead to see yourself handling it in a relaxed manner, which helps to reprogram subconscious patterns and expectations to better deal with the situation when it arises again.

Finally, you walk along the beach, feeling more energetic and alert with each step as you return to full waking consciousness, feeling fully relaxed and refreshed, the cares of the day simply melted away.

This version of Relaxation I is guided by a Female Voice. A version of this program guided by a Male Voice is also available by clicking: Relaxation I (Male Voice).

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  • VIII. Study of AudioMagic Relaxation I & II in a Chemical Dependency Unit In a 1993 single-blind pilot study, chemical dependency patients were assigned to use either the 3D AudioMagic™ Relaxation programs or traditional progressive muscle relaxation and imagery audiocassette programs. Those using the AudioMagic™ program showed a statistically significant cumulative decrease in anxiety within one week.

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