Reflections On The California Coast - DVD

Reflections On The California Coast - DVD

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Reflections on the California Coast is more than just an exquisitely videoed DVD of the California coastline. It’s a virtual vacation that uses the AudioMagic of 3D Living Sound to awaken your therapeutic imagination.

The 3D Living Sound-track to this montage of beautiful nature scenes amplifies the realness of the experience to create “a new dimension to relaxation”.

The Reflections on the California Coast DVD was designed to facilitate relaxation breaks, especially for people who spend long hours working on computers. A mere keystroke launches you on your virtual vacation and with another keystroke you can instantly return to the work at hand. This way, a relaxing moment bathed in nature can be available to you at any moment.

It is plausible that the increasing stress of modern culture may partly be due to our separation from nature. Mankind may in some way be “hardwired” for the experience of nature, the absence of which may cause a “nature-deficit disorder”.

This program can be used by anyone at any time for immersion in the relaxing atmosphere that nature offers.

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